True Friendship

A true friend is there for you when you’re down, and also is the one with whom you celebrate your success. As we are moving towards becoming more human doing than being, I observe that the second one is becoming harder to find these days.


The First Lingerie Fashion Week in NYC!

A few weeks ago I was invited by the Feminine Weapon to  attended an event in the Lingerie Fashion Week. A Fashion Week exclusively dedicated to intimate apparel brands – the first, in fact, ever created.

I went to the one on Saturday, February 23rd at The Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea and was amazed and inspired by the creativity of all the designers.

From Melissa Franchi’s Collection






Melissa Franchi’s collection in particular caught my eyes. In the words of the designer, the collection was to represent classic Hollywood, embracing womanhood. I think she did an amazing job in that just representing the theme. Her models had feminine figures, they were seductive but not commercial, playful but vigilant, confident but not aggressive (what is expected of women sometimes these days!).

 You can see more pictures from the FW on the New York Post here. Or the news coverage of the event at the ABC Eye Witness News here.

Q: Hi. Dr. Sara, I recently had a terrible break up. I don’t think, I could ever get into the state of dating/loving someone again. what can I do?

A: I can imagine how you are feeling. Regarding being scared to fall in love/date again. Loving someone is not easy! It always has its heightened emotions from being very happy and on the top of the world to being really down and depressed. You need to make a choice between being open and going through the process or keeping a life within the range of emotions that you can control and are comfortable with. This is a very personal choice. Give it some time. don’t rush into anything just now and try not to play various scenarios in your head to see what went wrong, what each of you could have done differently or who needs to be blamed. just let it be for a while and gradually the insights will come to you.