On Women’s March- January 21, 2017

It is important to get out and express yourself and to be a part of a larger movement for a greater good. However, acknowledge that every individual also needs to practice self-care to reassure their physical and mental well-being. This is not only necessary for you but also critical to magnify our message that women (and their supporters) are strong and will remain so. Each and every one of us are coming into this from our own place of operation and being. Here are my offerings as a social and mental health advocate:

We are stronger together!

1. Many of you traveled to take part in the march from elsewhere so you might not have immediate social support. join a group (if you don’t know of one, just get out there and form one right before the march starts), even a small one so that you have a support group around you for any unpredicted need.

2. Stick together in your smaller group while being a part of the bigger movement.

3. Within that small group reiterate your goals for this march, your role and your boundaries.

4. Take part with all your being and proud however, know your boundaries and monitor your emotions. You are voicing the unheard, therefore at times the power that comes over you might become a little too much to emotionally handle.

4- Drink water. Have something simple to nibble on if needed. Emotional times affect your blood pressure and sugar level.

With compassion and solidarity,

Dr. Sara