5 Things to Tickle Your Senses…on Valentines Day and Beyond!

My office is packed around Valentines Day. I get clients who feel pressured to act a certain way, do a certain gesture or buy a certain gift. I often hear the words anxious and disappointment. Why such despair on a day created to celebrate love? Love for a partner, love for oneself, love for our family or pets…

Here are some tips that do not involve buying, waiting in lines or having to call restaurant after restaurant to find a free table to reserve. Rather than striving for a night of a one-night-only gift, create meaningful memories to utilize in the future with your current or future relationships.

Smell: There is not one specific smell or scent that will take your Valentines Day (or relationship) to the heights. Sometimes something different (exactly what we’ve always had) is all we need! If you usually wear perfume, try to go all-natural, let your partner smell the real you. Or perhaps try on a scent that you love and let your partner share the experience with you. Natural oils and ointments can go a long way as well, whether used for massaging yourself, your loved one or just lighting a scented candle in the house. Whatever it is that you decide to do, just do it- without thinking about a particular outcome or expecting a favour in return. You might want to stay away from baby oils and powder as they will bring about parental intuition which usually does not have the strongest bond with your sexy self.

Touch: Our skin is our largest organ, and holds great powers when it comes to sensuality, sexuality, sharing and caressing. Why not explore new forms of touch or kissing? How about new fabrics, or your favourite fabrics. We all have that one favourite cozy blanket or soft silky sheets that we would like to spend more time with… Exploring new forms of pleasuring the skin, whether with a partner or solo, will give you tools to use in the future, not just on Valentines Day.

Let your imagination create a tasteful, considerate atmosphere rather than a commercially-driven one.

Sight: No new lingerie, no decorations, just your true self! Let yourself and/or your partner see the real you, fresh out of the shower, or just in your natural element. Natural does not mean messy or not groomed, it just means that you are yourself. Feel and show love for the body that makes your life on this planet possible. You might want to even take away sight all together with blindfolds, focus on everything else. In the absence of one sense, others will be heightened specially hearing. Try listening to sensational, erotic or thought provocative audios, with your significant other, share stories, fantasies, whispers of poems and more.

Hearing: Music is a beautiful opportunity to find the words, tunes and rhythms that will represent your feelings if you’re one to not write a poem from scratch or a romantic tune to play on your guitar. Find a song or lyrics that reflect how you feel towards a situation or a feeling, read them in your private time, to your partner or chosen friend.

Taste: There is plenty to taste on Valentines Day! A partners lips is the one mostly promoted but how about a mindful experience with a choice of food or drink. Taste is closely related to our other senses specially sight and smell. Try to see how you can eat and feel through each of these senses and the involvement of mixture of them.

Let your imagination create a tasteful, considerate atmosphere rather than a commercially-driven one. Where the first one will be a memory to go to and the second, a memory to escape from!