Ignite Intimacy podcast with Laura Aiisha

I was recently on the Ignite Intimacy podcast with Laura Aiisha having a bright and playful conversation about pleasure, dating in the digital age, the power of language, orgasm, cultural differences in sex, dating and sexuality, your unpolished gut and more!

Catch the whole conversation on #iTunes, #Spotify, #Libsyn, #Stitcher or on the Ignite Intimacy website… all links are below 🙂

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/ignite-intimacy/id1138178795

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/5VSa7BzFrpZ7mQxdpUfBEl?si=keniDBr-SDyDWgZy4y0NDQ

Stitcher: https://buff.ly/2MkWb4B

Libsyn: http://igniteintimacy.libsyn.com

Ignite Intimacy website:  https://wp.me/p6Axei-Ko


Can You Create “Sexual Chemistry” if it is not there?

When Whitney, approached me for an interview for her recent article on creating “sexual chemistry”, I was thinking  wouldn’t that be nice if someone could actually have a simple answer to this popular question?!

Here is her interesting piece trying to respond to this million dollar question… You’re on a date with a really great guy. He’s smart, sweet, funny, and just your type. You almost can’t believe how perfect he is…until you hook up. No butterflies, no goose bumps, nothing. You completely fall flat. This guy who’s so good on paper just can’t seem to fire you up in the bedroom……read the full article by Whitney C. Harris here.