What’s the Problem with Condoms?

In the light of Lelo’s efforts in brining a more appealing condom to the market, I was invited to join a panel of experts to share our take on “what is the problem with the existing condoms”. You can read the entire article here at Volonte.

اولین تجربهٔ جنسی‌

دوستان فارسی زبان، در برنامهٔ درگوشی‌ها که قسمتی‌ از برنامهٔ سلامت ۳۷ درجه در بی‌‌بی‌سی فارسی است، به سوالات شما در مورد مسائل و روابط جنسی‌ میپردازم عنوان این برنامه: اولین تجربهٔ جنسی‌.

NYC dates

I will be in New York City from September 12 through September 20th and then December 7 through 13. These weeks are filled with exciting and rewarding activities from seeing clients to supervising colleagues, hosting the World Sexual Health Day event, giving talk at the National Sex Ed conference and the Manhattan Sex Therapy Group … Read more…