Dr. Sara’s practice and the process of Sex & Relationship Consulting is designed to enable clients to discover insights which they then an use to optimize their relationships, personal or professional. You can book your appointments for a consultation with Dr. Sara individually, as a couple or with a small group of friends. If you have any questions before booking your appointment, please visit the contact page and we will get back to you soon.

Common areas of work

  • Dating advice: how to find the right match, how to connect to the person you like and how to best express yourself
  • Relationship Consultation:moving from arguing to talking, balancing a demanding job and a fulfilling relationship, and managing expectations.
  • Sexuality Counseling:overcoming relational, emotional and physical issues, communicating what partners want in a non-threatening way, defining what is ‘normal’ and what is not in relationships, pain issues and lack of interest.
  • Communication advice: creating the most genuine and effective verbal and non-verbal communication strategies that could help you form and grow your relationships with co-workers, employees and your employer.

Initial Consultation

This is the first face-to-face consultation or virtual session that you individually or together with your partner will have with Dr. Sara. It takes about 120 minutes where you will describe your concern(s) in detail. She will ask you specific questions and at the end of the session, you and Dr. Sara will set realistic goals for the process of your work and decide what path is the best way forward.

Individual and Couples Consultations

Ongoing consultations are scheduled at the beginning of each month. They will be on a weekly basis initially and take 50 minutes each. You can attend the sessions together as a couple or individually, depending on how it suits your program. Dr. Sara and you will review your progress every six sessions. After you achieve your goals, you will arrange for appointments every other weeks and then once a month or every other months. After that, you can book ad hoc sessions as boosters! Your commitment to the process and the homework you are assigned to determines your level of success.


The content of the sessions will be kept confidential unless harm to yourself or a third party is evident. You will be informed before any information discussed with anyone else. If you are a public figure, please inform us in advance so the appropriate measures could be taken to secure your privacy/confidentiality on your arrival and departure.


Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh is an Accredited Psychosexual Therapist by The College of Sex and Relationship Therapy (COSRT) in the UK and a Certified Sexuality Counselor by the American Association for Sexuality Educators Counselors and Therapists (AASECT). She is not a mental health practitioner and if needed she would make suggestions for your referral to a professional in that field. Dr. Sara practices within the scope of sexuality and relationship consulting, which are not covered by insurances.

Past Clients’ Experiences

“Working with Dr Nasserzadeh was my secret weapon — she was my business (and sometimes personal) Cyrano de Bergerac.  As a C level executive working with a largely male senior team and board, Dr Nasserzadeh’s astute insights and communications strategies proved critical in helping me navigate my way through numerous tricky conversations and situations.  I am deeply grateful for her wise counsel and feel lucky to have her in my life”. 

– Jules K., C level executive of tech startups, formerly at Google. 2016 

Clare: “We had been having problems, fighting and arguing. Couple’s therapy wasn’t really working but when we met Sara and she introduced elements of both relationship and sex coaching, I felt we are moving somewhere. We were unlucky the first two times round so having a third counselor who was helpful, non-judgmental, positive with a constructive advice restored my trust.

Sara was a true coach. [She] gave me also inspiration for future once problems were overcome in order to maintain good and healthy relationship ‘in the kitchen and in the bedroom’. It wasn’t always easy, but the end result was worth it. The process did not cure my issues overnight but it helped me be aware of how to see things more calmly and clearly. Now I can say, it was the best thing to happen to us! We learned about each other, we learned about ourselves, and we learned about relationships in general. It was difficult, and frightening at times. We worked through a lot of what was going on for us, and we’re better off for having been in couple’s therapy alone. Now we have a little boy and future does not seems daunting any more. We have some useful tools from Sara”.

Gabriel: “It seemed as though we were spending more time angry with one another than happy together. Looking back, I know now that I was being self-righteous and seeing Clara as the problem. For example, I would focus on how she said things and getting uppity about that. Sara coached past that to listen to what Clara was actually saying and really respond to that, rather than making a knee-jerk response.

Sara helped me to look at my own behavior and understand how I was creating my own rut and then getting stuck in it. Her guidance helped me unlearn some of my worst habits, and really connect with Clara instead. I think going to her saved our relationship. We’re now very happy together and the proud parents of a wonderful son, conceived and born since our time with Sara” 

– Clare & Gabriel TK. 2013 

“My goal is to start something similar to the Manhattan Sex Therapy Group that we formed 10 years ago in New York City. A community of highly-skilled and trained professionals who continue to grow together. I would also like to make this growth as systematic as possible.”
Many professionals in the field receive ad hoc training on various topics. While professionals may feel very knowledgeable, they may not be sure how much they know or how much they don’t. It becomes only apparent when they are faced with a new client or a new presenting problem, what may be missing or polishing. This consultation group and training is designed for professionals to acquire skills to practice with confidence.
The two-hour modules will consist of a whole hour dedicated to bringing new advances in the field and practical skills that can be used in everyday practices. The HAT training is built  into these sessions providing a valuable addition to professional’s current knowledge and skill sets. The Training hour of these sessions are AASECT CE eligible. We can also work out a way to offer CE to other providers if you are interested.

About the Program

  • Selection: Due to high demand and time restrictions registration is first-come-first-serve.
  • Registration: Please fill out the registration form and submit payment to secure your spot (details in links)
  • Number of Participants: There are 6 slots available in both groups, total 12 participants will be accepted to ensure the quality of the sessions as well as a fair distribution of time among the members
  • Sessions: 10 sessions in total (each 2 hours)
  • Format: First hour training on a specific topic (AASECT CE eligible) and second hour, consultation of cases
  • Address: Dr. Sara’s office Palo Alto (Hamilton Avenue)
  • Start date: Friday, November 10 (first sessions) and the second Friday of each month thereafter.
  • Timing: Option 1: 9-11 am // Option 2: 1-3 pm 
  • Fee: $150 per session ($1500 for 10 sessions)
  • Missed sessions: If you miss a session, you will receive the material for the training hour of that session.
  • Dropping out: Your spot will be yours for that year unless you decide to drop out all together in which case you are refunded for the remainder of the sessions and someone else will take your spot (with the agreement of the group members).
  • Speakers/Trainers: The majority of the training will be presented by Dr. Sara; some sessions might have guest speakers for the training hour segment to ensure the most updated and relevant information delivered on the given topic.

Who can attend?

Due to the experimental nature of the training, attendance in person in mandatory.

  1. Clinical and Counseling Psychologists
  2. Marriage and Family Therapists
  3. Clinical Social Workers
  4. Professional Clinical Counselors
  5. Educational Psychologists
  6. Mental Health Counselors
  7. Others: Physical Therapists and Nurses who joined our groups before

Dr. Sara offers management consulting to national and international organizations in the following areas:

  • Developing Integrative Customer Insights Strategic Plan (including; design, leadership training and evaluation)
  • Reviewing national sexual health programs
  • Reviewing and evaluation of school-based sexual health education programs
  • Producing culturally sensitive material for sexuality and relationship education
  • Designing Communication Strategies to address inter-generational gaps in companies
  • Leadership development
  • Training the Trainers for Sexual Health (educators and health care professionals)
  • Accessing hard to reach groups including socially marginalized young people, teenage mothers, cultural and religious minorities (5 main world religions)
  • Effective communication strategies for leaders and managers

Past Clients

  • Takeda Pharmaceutical, US and Global (design and development of Customer Insights Model and Practice)
  • Pfizer, Inc. New York (development of the Integrative Customer Insights Model)
  •  New York State Department of Health (school-based sexuality education material K-12)
  • Johnson and Johnson, US and Global (women’s health products, Customer Insights)
  • Pfizer, Ltd. Walton Oaks, UK (psychosexual care for the survivors of breast and prostate cancer)
    • Bohringer Ingelheim, US (women’s sexual health products)
  • Voluntary Action Camden, UK (peer-education program for community outreach sexual health education)
  • Policy Studies Institute, UK (teenage mothers and unaccompanied minor projects)
  • World Population Foundation, Netherlands and Pakistan (consultant for sexual health national programs)
  • United Nations Population Fund (Advocacy for Comprehensive Sexuality Education)
  • World Association for Sexual Health (strategic planning for the association)