International Chair | Invited Speaker

National SexEd Conference

Dec. 5-8, 2017, Atlantic City, NJ



UNFPA Advisory Meeting (Closed)

Jan. 18, 2018, New York, NYSF



Invited Speaker

San Francisco Psychological Association (SFPA)

Apr. 20, 2018, San Francisco, CA



Invited Speaker

International Conference of Sexual Health

Asia-Oceania Federation of Sexology (AOFS)

Aug. 17-19, 2018, Chennai, India



Invited trainer

“Clinical Sexology” | 3-day workshop

Sexpo Foundation

Sept. 10-13, 2018, Helsinki, Finland



Co-organizer | Speaker

World Sexual Health Day (North America)

Sept. 28, 2018, Stanford University, CA



Invited Speaker

Nordic Association for Clinical Sexology | Congress and Annual Meeting

Oct. 2018, Norway, EU



Invited Speaker

National Sex Ed Conference

Dec. 2018, USA