Female Ejaculation or Urinary Incontinence?

Female ejaculation has been a topic of controversy among the couples as well as the professionals.

A recent study on female ejaculation suggests that fluid expulsions are not typically a part of female orgasm. Although women may expel various kinds of fluids during sexual arousal and at orgasm-these are natural sexual responses- it may also represent symptoms of urinary incontinence.

Female ejaculation and ‘squirting’ are two different physiological components of female sexuality. Female ejaculation orgasm manifests as either a female ejaculation of a smaller quantity of whitish secretions from the female prostate or a squirting of a larger amount of diluted and changed urine. Both phenomena may occur simultaneously. Therefore, an in-depth appreciation of these similar but distinct phenomena is essential for distinguishing normal sexual responses from signs of illness.

In a follow up conversation with Dr. Goldstein, the president of the International Society for the Scientific Study of the Women’s Sexual Health  (ISSWSH), he  reminds us that the Skene’s glands are embryologically and histologically the same as the prostate and make the exact same fluid, therefore a close observation and assessment in necessary to distinguish between a healthy secretion and a sign of illness.