AASECT Approved Post-Graduate HAT Training for Sexual Dysfunctions – 2013

The first cohort is now completed. Please get in touch if you are interested to sign up for the upcoming trainings in NYC, 2014.
Full HAT Certificate (60 CE) will be granted to colleagues who complete all the three levels (Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced).

Summary of the first cohort in September/October 2013:

Thanks to all of you who reached out to me for supervision and training over the past five years since I moved to New York, for the first time I will be offering the HAT model training in the United States. The aim of this postgraduate course is to provide the theoretical foundations and practical framework for holistic assessment and therapies utilized for the diagnosis and treatment of various types of sexual dysfunctions.

This program is based on the European model of assessment and care for sexual dysfunctions and designed for a wide range of therapists, counselors and licensed mental health professionals who would like to gain systematic knowledge and skills in working with sexual issues of individuals and couples. My hope is that you could establish your own HAT group and run your HAT training after your graduation.

I chose the name as a symbol of various ‘hats’ we wear as therapists to be able to address, assess and manage any sexuality and relationship issues our clients bring to the room.

This training includes principles from various disciplines such as: sexual-medicine, psychosexual therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, neuroscience and systems theory. The training will cover: Initial assessment techniques, history taking, formulation and treatment plan, educational approaches and props for various cultural groups, female and male sexual dysfunctions, blocks in the process and how to overcome them and ethical dilemmas of the therapist and how far one should go. Participants of all levels are welcome.

  1. September 26th (6-8 pm): What is Holistic Assessment Therapies? How is it different fro other types of sex therapy? Theoretical Frameworks, Scope, Self-Assessment
  2. October 5th (9-5 pm with short breaks and a lunch break): Educational Approaches and Props for Various Cultural Groups, Initial Assessment Interview, History Taking Interview, Formulating and Presenting the Treatment Plan
  3. October 12th (9-5 pm with short breaks and a lunch break): Female Sexual Dysfunctions (a holistic view), Male Sexual Dysfunctions (a holistic view)
  4. October 19th (9-5 pm with short breaks and a lunch break): Potential Process Blocks and How to Overcome Them, Ethical Dilemmas in Therapy- How Far Can You Go?, Therapists Role in the Process- Are You Facilitating or Hindering?

The Foundation level has been Approved for 20 CE Credits by the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT). Participation in all the sessions is necessary to acquire the AASECT Credits. 

Kind regards,

Sara Nasserzadeh, PhD DipPST

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Post-graduate Sex Therapy training in New York


2 Replies to “AASECT Approved Post-Graduate HAT Training for Sexual Dysfunctions – 2013”

  1. Hello dear Sara ( Dr. Naserzadeh)

    I am very pleased to write to you as a clinical psychologist based in Iran, actually your husband from linkedin did kindly introduced you and your precious work to me, and I was so impressed by your activities, I hope we can have this once in Iran, I am so much keen to develop my activities in this field as well, as I am working on couples and relationships, I also added you in Linkedin as well, so please let me kindly know how can I get the resources or teachings or updates from here?

    i d love to hear back from you

  2. Dear Yalda,
    Thank you for your kind note.

    We are actually working to develop a fellowship in Iran. hopefully this will be up and running in a year or two.

    There are many different resources for you to use. I am in the process of developing a resource page here on my website. it should be ready in a few months time. please check in back at the website for the information.

    Kind regards,
    Sara Nasserzadeh, PhD

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