Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh is the founder and principle consultant at the Connections ABC, LLC. A company dedicated to the design, delivery and evaluation of effective communication methods. Connections ABC, LLC offers consulting to national and international organizations in the following areas:

• Developing Integrative Customer Insights Strategic Plan (including; design, leadership training and evaluation)
• Reviewing national sexual health programs
• Reviewing and evaluation of school-based sexual health education programs
• Producing culturally sensitive material for sexuality and relationship education
• Designing Communication Strategies to address inter-generational gaps in companies
• Leadership development
• Training the Trainers for Sexual Health (educators and health care professionals)
• Accessing hard to reach groups including socially marginalized young people, teenage mothers, cultural and religious minorities (5 main world religions)
• Effective communication strategies for leaders and managers

Clients included:

Takeda Pharmaceutical, US and Global (design and development of Customer Insights Model and Practice)
• Pfizer, Inc. New York (development of the Integrative Customer Insights Model)
• New York State Department of Health (school-based sexuality education material K-12)
• Johnson and Johnson, US and Global (women’s health products, Customer Insights)
• Pfizer, Ltd. Walton Oaks, UK (psychosexual care for the survivors of breast and prostate cancer)
• Bohringer Ingelheim, US (women’s sexual health products)
• Voluntary Action Camden, UK (peer-education program for community outreach sexual health education)
• Policy Studies Institute, UK (teenage mothers and unaccompanied minor projects)
• World Population Foundation, Netherlands and Pakistan (consultant for sexual health national programs)
• United Nations Population Fund (Advocacy for Comprehensive Sexuality Education)
• World Association for Sexual Health (strategic planning for the association)