Dr. Sara provides a range of services to professionals and practitioners whose work directly or indirectly involves human sexuality, psychosexual issues, sexual health and complex relationships. For healthcare providers and mental health practitioners interested in the assessment and treatment of psychosexual issues, she has developed a unique program that holistically addresses different dimensions of assessments, diagnosis and treatment of such problems. This program is called Holistic Assessments & Therapies (HAT) for psychosexual issues and she offers it either over 3 years (each year consisting of 10 monthly blocks) or as an intensive one-day introductory workshop. More information about these programs are available here.

DrSaraSpeakingDr. Sara is frequently invited by academic and professional institutions and conferences to deliver keynotes and plenary speeches on a range of topics from “sexual practices around the globe” to highly technical seminars on assessments and treatments of specific issues such as vaginismus, dyspareunia or premature ejaculation. A list of selected institutions and conferences that Dr. Sara spoke at is presented on the right and more information can be obtained from here.

Dr. Sara also provides individual and group supervisions/consultations to practitioners working in the field. These sessions are highly interactive and are designed to gradually build up the practitioner’s competencies in working independently with complex psychosexual issues and cormorbidities. More information about therapist supervision can be found here.