Dr. Nasserzadeh offers keynote lectures and training programs across the world. She has delivered more than 512 professional presentations and workshops in 15 countries and more than 200 workshops for the public. She has been the guest of health care professionals, educators, religious organizations, corporates, NGOs, Universities, policy makers and governments who were keen to learn from her expertise and unique perspectives.
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For Professionals

• Cross-Cultural aspects of couples’ relationships

• Genital practices around the world
• Cultural and religious influences on sexuality and relationship
• History taking for sexual dysfunctions
• Assessment, treatment and referral pathways for sexual dysfunctions (orgasm dysfunction, pain disorders, erectile dysfunction, etc.)

For Organizations

• Accessing hard-to-reach groups
• Work-life balance
• How to derive and use customer insights to be closer to your customers
• Sexuality education for young people
• Effective communication across generations within today’s work place
• Addressing sexual health needs of marginalized young people
• Culturally appropriate communication with different communities (Using 5-major religion model)

For the Public

You can invite Dr. Sara to your event of 15 ppl or more

• 7 essence of every satisfying relationship
• 11 things that could have prevented your unpleasant experiences in bed
• Are Love and Chemistry over-rated?
• Proven strategies of dating for long term relationships
• Sexual life of a couple pre-while-after pregnancy
• How to use the Relationship Trio Model to build up meaningful relationships
• When and how to talk to your partner about sex
• Managing everyday dilemmas in a relationship
• Premarital workshops
• Rules of roar: how to disagree efficiently and effectively

Some of the host organizations include:

Stanford University, Apple Health Center, UNESCO, Royal College of Physicians, Royal College of Nursing, College of Sex and Relationship Therapists, UNFPA, World Population Foundation, World Association for Sexual Health, European Federation of Sexology, University of Tlaxcala, Tehran Medical School, SUNY Medical School, Wagner College, Asian Federation for Sexology, Porterbrook Clinic, Institute of Education, University of London, Cornell University, Oxford University, Cambridge University, Pfizer. Ltd, Johnson and Johnson, Boehringer Ingelheim, Feminine Weapon and Columbia University.

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