Supervision for Individuals and Groups

Individual Supervision Sessions are Available: once a week or per individual’s need, one hour, in person or online.

Group Supervision Sessions are Available: Once a month, 20 minutes per person/case presentation, minimum number of participants are 3 and maximum is 5 to allow optimum exchange of knowledge

The Format: either Topic Specific or Case Specific. in Topic Specific sessions, there would be a particular topic, a didactic part and then the floor will be opened for relevant case discussions. In Case Specific sessions, every member of the group will have an allocated time to present a case, receives feedback, practical tips for practice from myself and comments from other members of the group.

Who Would Benefit:mental health practitioners, sexual health educators, counselors, therapists, researchers, advocates, program leaders, community and religious leaders, medical doctors and any professional who is serving as a sexual health expert in one capacity or another. All individual and group sessions are tailor-made to meet your specific needs.

Registration Process: interested colleagues or groups please send a note stating your target group, the context of work, why you think I would be the best supervisor for you, the specific area you need supervision for. A brief  interview will be arranged to make sure you are allocated to the category of supervision or/and group that would allow for the optimum result and meets your timezone requirements.

Starting Time: As soon as we have enough attendees for one category a common calendar will be shared so colleagues could identify the most appropriate time that works for their schedule. We will arrange the meetings fro there.