World Sexual Health Day- 2015, NYC

This year’s World Sexual Health Day celebration in New York city was held on September 16th (one day after the beginning of the UN General Assembly).  WSHD 2015 Program.

The theme for this year’s event was “Sexual Justice for a Fairer Society”. The event started with a montage of sexual justice in the news for the past year which sat the tone for our upcoming performances and talks. Oceane Hooks-Camilleri shared her talent with us once again and captured everyones heart and minds with her powerful interpretation of Declaration of Sexual Rights by the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS).

WSHD_9_17_2015-43Our distinguished panel of speaker addressed issues ranging from the link between spiritually and sexuality, role of knowledge and access to services in creating a sexuality just society, youth perspective and religious, cultural and sociopolitical context of sexuality.

WSHD_9_17_2015-191An amazing group of individuals were present at the event. Some flew to NYC just for the day to show their support. Among whom, were our dedicated and brilliant August McLaughlin and powerful blogger Buster Ross (who also accepted the award of our writing contest winner Elle Lynn Stanger on her behalf).


WSHD_9_17_2015-158We had notepads and pens in kind donaton from Lelo, who once again showed their love and support, which were put to use immidietely by our engaged audiance.

WSHD_9_17_2015-116Thank you everyone for all the love, support and enthusiasm you bring to each year’s celebration. We thank Lelo and  United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) for their sponsorship and look forward to adding to this list of supported and allies moving forward. If you are interested in sponsoring or volunteering opportunities for the 2016 event (in NYC or San Francisco) please contact us directly through the contact page.

We are voting for the theme for 2016. Please send in any ideas you might have through the contact page. The voting is expected to be concluded by the end of October.