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Thank you for visiting this page in the midst of your rich schedule. One of the privileges I have is to be respected by my peers around the world. If you know me personally, you know that I don’t take this lightly. I strive to deepen my learning and give back to our community as much as possible and through multiple means, be it writing, giving lectures, chairing committees, sitting at the Boards of our associations, or offering personal consulting and training. Here are some offerings I curated based on the demands I receive from peers across caring professions. I hope you find something relevant to your practice. Please let me know if what you are looking for is not included here. You never know. It might be in an upcoming agenda.

If you are a colleague in need of consultation on a case, please feel free to contact me. Your geographical location is not an issue. I work globally and across time zones.

Specific issues I could help you with include:

    • Any issues related to couples,
    • Premarital counseling (compatibility testing),
    • Complex sexual dysfunctions,
    • Working with clients with various sexual orientations LGBTQI+
    • Working with clients of variety of relationship orientations (polyamory, monagamish, etc.)
    • Kink-practicing clients,
    • Practical parenting advice for young children,
    • Concerns related to cultural or religious diversity,
    • Working with public figures and celebrities,
    • Working with the media.
Join me for 4 consultation sessions where we take a holistic approach to working with couples and sexuality across religions and various cultural groups. 
We will be utilizing the Holistic Assessment and Therapies model (H.A.T.) as our framework. Our meetings will be partly didactic and partly case consultations.
The dates are: October 9, October 23, November6 and November 20th between 9-11 am pacific time. If you can’t make to one, I’ll record the didactic part of the session for you. 
The fee is $150 for each meeting (2 hours).  
Please contact me by September 30 if you are interested. (Places are limited to 8 participants).


Who will benefit from H.A.T.? 

    1. Psychologists
    2. Marriage and Family Therapists
    3. Clinical Social Workers
    4. Professional Clinical Counselors
    5. Educational Psychologists
    6. Mental Health Counselors
    7. Sexuality Educators
    8. Sexuality and Relationship Coaches
    9. Physical Therapists,  Psychiatrists, Nurses, Gynecologists 

Contact me for more information. 

Relationship Panoramic is a validated inventory for the assessment of long-term relationships. In this training, participants will learn about the psychometric qualities of this test and how to use it for their clients.

You can register for a free trial period at the site where you can take the test pr recommend it to a couple for free to experience the process and content first hand. 

Register here

Virtual Sexual Attitude Reassessment: 5 Senses and Beyond: Assumptions, Perceptions and Expectations

Discover novel insights and optimize your personal and professional relationships through this unique experience.

Register today with early bird rate before October 30, 2020.  

What is SAR? 

I look at SAR as a self-care practice for practitioners. We come together in a safe and guided space to explore our own assumptions, perceptions around various topics related to sexuality.  This is a part of any systematic training that would make us ready to be fully present with a client or a group and discuss their sexual health concerns.

Logistically speaking, SAR is a requirement for quite a few certifications including the American Association for Sexuality Educators Counselors and Therapists (AASECT). In the face of Covid-19 AASECT has granted permission to its accredited providers to offer their SAR trainings on an online basis. 

Sexuality and issues related to it are as wide and varied as our human community. You can never claim that nothing will move you, surprise you or trigger you unless you have been faced by it before and know how to manage your own state of being and feeling in similar situations.  I don’t claim that you will experience it all in our time together however you will be exposed to the main areas that usually go unexamined and you will learn practical techniques to deal with a triggering situation. 

There are only handful of colleagues who offer SAR workshops, and everyone does it differently. I personally attend any SAR that I can since the way that SARs are being designed, organized and offered are highly dependent on the providers. 

What is unique to this SAR experience? 

This particular SAR will focus on 5 senses and self-care as its two main pillars. These seems to be even more relevant given our current climate. We will have a deep dive in cultures, religions, sexual orientations, relationship orientations, physical and mental abilities of clients, various sexual behaviors experienced and expressed by our clients. We also go through variety of cases. We will meet online but will still have a lot of moving about, so please wear comfortable clothing. 

My intention is that you walk out of this experience with an open heart, clear mind and polished gut regarding your own sexuality and the way it shows up with your clients. You will also have practiced quite a few tangible skills and collected practical tools in your kit to use with clients. One dimension of SAR that is not talked about often is the self-care piece as a part of which you will learn evidence-based practices to release your tension, relax and take care of yourself in any triggering situation. Also you will find a community of colleagues through this experience with whom you bond the way that you don’t in other settings. This is all due to the nature of our experience together.

Continuing Education Credits:

 American Association for Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists- AASECT (14 units- meets all the criteria for AASECT accreditation requirement of SAR) and CEs for mental health professionals. 


What did others expereince in this SAR?

Dr. Sara brought global expertise and a depth of experience to the Southwest Sexual Health Alliance Experiential SAR Weekend. It was a pleasure to getting to know Dr. Sara and working with her throughout the process. The group she led was dynamic and the SAR was unlike anything we have experienced. We found Dr. Sara warm, authentic and skillful. Her knowledge on cultural diversity and global issues were much appreciated.” -Heather McPherson LPC-S, LMFT, The Sexual Health Alliance

“ I think this SAR should be mandatory for everyone who works with people in any capacity. I have gone through so many other trainings but this one was truly different. Sex matters and it comes up. I work mainly with children after trauma. I learned so much that I can use in my work”  Siera Pompe, child psychiatrist- Spain

“I am blown away with how much assumptions I held about faith groups”.  Melanie Wayne, Clinical psychologist- Oregon

When and Where?

Online. January 22 and 23 starting at 9 am pacific time.

What’s the fee and refund policy?

The early registration fee (by October 30th) is $475 for all 14 hours and after that $675. Your registration fee will be refundable up to 30 days prior to the event. 

Who can attend?

Professionals working with clients who present with relationship and sexual issues (therapists, counselors, educators, coaches, MDs, PTs, OTs). 

What is included in my registration?

Online presence: 10 hours of the course during these two days.

Offline/ asynchronous learning (videos, etc.) : 2 hours

Online, virtual consultation group as a follow: 2 hours. You will be in groups of 10 for consultations and Q and A following up the meeting so you have space for processing. Dates to be agreed by the group.

Registration includes live tutorials, workshop material, handouts and CE certificates of your choice.

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