Dr. Sara provides a range of services to professionals and practitioners whose work directly or indirectly involves dating individuals, couples, psychosexual issues, cross-cultural and complex relationships. 

For healthcare providers and mental health practitioners interested in the assessment and treatment of psychosexual issues for individuals and couples, she has developed a unique program that holistically addresses different dimensions of assessments, diagnosis and treatment of such problems. This program is called Holistic Assessments & Therapies (HAT) for psychosexual issues and it is offered over 1 year through in person meetings and online support groups. Read more and register for 2019 below.  

Holistic Assessment and Therapies Model (H.A.T.)

Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment/Management of Sexual Dysfunctions 

In response to the demands from colleagues, I started offering the H.A.T. training, Holistic Assessments and Therapies model for the Assessment, Diagnosis, Management and Treatment of Sexual Dysfunctions, since arriving in California two years ago (prior to that in New York and London). 

The training is called H.A.T. to represent various hats that we wear when facing clients presenting with any sexual issues. 

My goal is to start something similar to the great training I received in England and the Manhattan Sex Therapy Group that we formed 10 years ago in New York City. A community of highly skilled and trained professionals who continue to grow together. I would also like to make this growth as systematic as possible.

Many professionals in the field receive ad hoc training on various topics related to sexuality. Furthermore, couples therapy and psychosexual therapy seem to be one field in Northern America yet many colleagues who studied marriage and family therapy state that their training in sexual function and dysfunctions were limited.  

 While professionals may feel very knowledgeable, they may not be sure how much they know or how much they don’t. This gap becomes only apparent when they are faced with a new client or a new presenting problem that involves sexuality. This training is designed for professionals to acquire skills to practice with confidence. 

  • The HAT training provides valuable additions to professional’s current knowledge and skill sets. Upon Completion of the training practitioners can: 
  1. Assess, and diagnose sexual dysfunctions by using a holistic approach that includes: bio-psycho-social dimensions of the presenting problem as well as other perspectives: such as culture, family dynamics and discourse analysis 
  2. Design and suggest holistic treatment plans and therapies utilizing the data that is: collected through the HAT assessment process. This will include learning of how to take holistic history, assign practical and case-specific homework for success, review feedback with client/s and make appropriate referrals to other professionals who can complement their treatment plans.
  3. Apply practical framework discussed during the sessions and utilize them in various settings with clients from various cultural, educational and religious backgrounds.
  4. Critically analyze their developmental needs in this area and identify opportunities for co-therapies, referrals, receiving supervision and continuing education.
  • H.A.T. training is approved for 20 hours of CEs for BBS, Social Workers and 30 hours CE from AASECT
  • Starting in January 2019, it will run for 10 months, First Friday of each month in Palo Alto: January 4, February 1, March 1, April 5, May 3, June 7-no sessions in July and Aug-,Sept 6,October 4,November 1, December 6.
  • Each session runs for 2 hours (didactic, experiential and case studies)
  • The Timing will be 9-11 pm.
  • Guest educators will be joining us for some modules
  • Fee: $1700 (an additional $50 for CEs will apply). 
  • Payments will be received in full upon registration. If you prefer other arrangements please let me know.

As the next step, please contact us to schedule a phone conversation so we could learn more about your clinical and personal needs that could be fulfilled through this training. 

 All the educational material, practice templates to use at your practices plus a handbook is included in the price of the course. 

If you are an intern psychologist or associate and would like to attend HAT, please check the right box on the registration form so we could arrange an interview for you. This is to ensure that the material could be helpful t you at this stage of your career. 

Who can attend?

Due to the experimental nature of the training, attendance in person twice a year is mandatory. The rest of the modules, content and consulting supports are offered via phone and online platforms so you can study at your own pace. 

  1. Clinical and Counseling
  2. Psychologists
  3. Marriage and Family Therapists
  4. Clinical Social Workers
  5. Professional Clinical Counselors
  6. Educational Psychologists
  7. Mental Health Counselors
  8. Others: Physical Therapists and Nurses who joined our groups before

What will happen after becoming HAT certified? 

By the end of the training (end of 2019), individuals who meet the requirements of attendance will be HAT certified. This will automatically make them eligible to join the global HAT community. This program also meets partial requirements to become AASECT certified. You will have access to all resources, practice material (which you can download and use in your offices), interviews and so on. 

Registration form

Interested? Contact us for more information. 

SAR with Dr. Sara

Sexual Attitude Reassessment

5 Senses and Beyond: Assumptions, Perceptions and Expectations

Discover insights & optimize relationships through this unique SAR experience.

What is SAR?

SAR is a process-oriented, structured group experience to promote participants’ awareness of their attitudes and values related to sexuality, and to assist them in understanding how these attitudes and values affect them professionally and personally. SAR is an in-depth exploration of one’s values, beliefs and attitudes and includes experiential, audio-visual, panel experiences. This SAR is unique in that it focuses on our five senses and brings rich elements of various cultural contexts. 

Who can attend?

  • Professionals working in the field of human sexuality,
  • Graduate students with an interest in sexuality and related subjects, and
  • Anyone who would like to explore their values, beliefs and attitudes.

To book for SAR in New York (March 2019) or invite Dr. Sara to host a SAR for your group or organization please contact us.