Announcing: The 2nd Annual World Sexual Health Day Celebration in North America!

What does sexual wellbeing mean to YOU? Spread the word!!! We are hosting the second World Sexual Health Day celebration in NYC and looking forward to welcoming you to the event. Feel free to forward this to anyone you care about so they could join us in this worthy celebration! It will be a night...

Inspiration for starting up a sexual health magazine!

A young social entrepreneur explains her Inspiration for starting up a sexual health magazine. Read more here at the Guardian. What is your passion? and what is the first step you are going to take to make a difference using this inspiration?

Sexuality within the Middle-East

The erotic culture within the Middle East once was a rich one with a range of acceptable sexual behavior. Another Interesting talk by Shereen El Feki Listen here.

Does Female Viagra Exist?

A new pill dubbed ‘the female Viagra’ could boost women’s sex lives, according to scientists. The herbal pill called Lady Prelox has been found to significantly raise a woman’s sexual pleasure. It is being sold by high-street chain Holland & Barrett. The pink pill contains a supplement containing an extract from French pine bark called...

Maintaining a healthy sex life could make a difference in how couples cope with illness

Among older couples, physical illnesses can strain a marriage, but maintaining a healthy sex life could make a difference in how happily both partners cope, a new study suggests. Researchers have long known the illnesses that come with age are linked to poorer marriage quality, but exactly why has not been clear. According to the...

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Let’s talk about sex for the over 60s! Sexually transmitted infections are on the rise among the older..

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