About Dr. Sara

Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh, PhD is a social psychologist and global thought leader in the fields of couples counseling (with sub-specialization in psychosexual therapy), cross-cultural fluency, diversity and inclusion. She has practiced across the world, including in London, New York and Palo Alto, and currently in Beverly Hills, California.

Throughout her work, there are several common threads, the most fundamental of which is her belief in “loving many through one” and therefore the possibility of creating world peace one relationship at a time. Her commitment to the growth of our human community manifests itself through her multi-dimensional efforts as a clinician, consultant, educator, author, keynote speaker and media influencer. 

Dr. Sara is a sought-after speaker and an expert facilitator. She has presented more than 500 keynote addresses and workshops on a variety of topics across the globe. She has also been a senior cultural advisor and strategic consultant for governments, international NGOs, United Nation-affiliated agencies, Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, and professional organizations across 38 countries.

Dr. Sara is the recipient of multiple awards and accolades. In 2007, she received the World Association for Sexual Health runner-up award for Excellence and Innovation for her international work in the area of human development. In 2011, she was a winner for Pfizer’s Innovation of the Year Award for establishing the company’s Customer Insights Council and for designing an integrative strategic plan to make customers a priority for the enterprise.

Dr. Sara has been featured by the BBC, ABC News, Al Jazeera, Hürriyet, Salamat, CNN, NPR, and Shaw TV. She was named as one of the Best Love Doctors by Harper’s Bazaar, and one of the Women in the Know by Daily Mirror. DatingAdvice.com named her one of the 10 Best Sex and Dating Experts in 2015. In March 2018, she was honored by the British Council as a UK Alumni Award finalist in the category of Social Impact. This award is the most prestigious in the category of Education offered by The British Council. 

Combining her experience as a former member of the International Federation of Journalists and her research expertise, Dr. Sara created and hosted a program on sexuality and relationship issues for BBC World Service called The Whispers, which received the BBC’s Innovation of the Year Award in 2007. The program was the first of its kind in the Middle East and is still being broadcast, continuing to reach millions of Farsi-speaking viewers across the globe.

Dr. Sara is also a prolific and award-winning author with three books, several book chapters, and a multitude of peer-reviewed articles and white papers to her credit. She has served on the board of various professional organizations. Currently, she serves at the Religion and Sexual & Reproductive Health Rights Task Force of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the Advisory Board of the World Association for Sexual health (WAS).

Her most recent contribution to the field has been the design and validation of an assessment called the Relationship Panoramic, which is intended to help individuals and couples create and maintain thriving relationships. She is currently based on Southern California and travels widely.

Twitter: @DR_Sara_ FB: Dr.SaraNasserzadeh  Instagram: Dr.SaraNasserzadeh

Dr. Sara published Sexuality Education Wheel of Context in early 2017 with Dr. Pejman Azarmina. The Wheel of Context was created as a practical framework to ensure that educators, advocates, and researchers in the field of sexuality education maintain a holistic perspective on a selected number of key contextual factors that may influence, hinder, or catalyze their work.

The Wheel of Context may also help provide a greater appreciation for the communities we serve and ultimately lead to more desirable outcomes for our programs or projects. It is not only a tool to build consensus and alignments at the onset of a project, but also a medium to facilitate dialogue among stakeholders, create solutions out of conflicting ideas and a measure to deepen our understanding about the root causes of unforeseen barriers and resistance that we may face.

“We can have all the knowledge in the world but without considering the context, we are all forced to operate from our place of ignorance as prisoners of our individual silos.”

Dr. Sara co-authored The Orgasm Answer Guide with three esteemed colleagues in 2011. The Answer Guide answers common questions about one of life’s most fascinating experiences.

In an accessible question-and-answer format, four of the world’s leading sexuality experts address every aspect of orgasms: how they happen, why they don’t, and what can be done to enhance sexual experiences. The authors provide clear and informed answers to more than 80 common questions, including:

    • Can an orgasm cause a heart attack?
    • Does childbirth affect orgasm?
    • What is the G-spot?
    • How can I tell whether my partner is faking an orgasm?
    • Do orgasms end at a certain age?

The Orgasm Answer Guide received AASECT’s Book Award Honorable Mention in 2011. 

Dr. Sara’s doctoral thesis was published as a book by Middlesex University Press. This research was a triangulation study based on a phenomenological approach to health-seeking behaviors and motivation models.

As a former member of the international Federation of Journalists (IFJ), Dr. Nasserzadeh has high appreciation for the power of media and the role it could play in educating a wide range of audience. Below are examples of these collaborations. Her audience mostly know her as “Dr. Sara” .


Dr. Sara Joined The NPR Worldview to discuss the influencing factors around “The culture around silence” around sexual molestation and abuse.



Dr. Sara was the creator and host of this award-winning radio/online program on sex and relationships for the BBC World Service, Persian section. In this photo, Dr. Sara is receiving the BBC World Service Award for the Innovation of the Year from Mark Thompson, Director-General of BBC in February 2007.

Link to the Whispers Season 1

Link to the Whispers Season 2

Link to the Whispers Season 3


Dr. Sara joins Worldview to shed some light on the sexual realities of the Middle East at the NPR studios in New York, April 2012.



Dr. Sara was interviewed by ABC’s (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) leading religion journalist Stephen Crittenden twice, first when she was invited by the UNESCO Institute of Education in Hamburg in 2002, and then when she was attending the World Congress for Sexual Health in Australia in 2007. The Religion Report was a program that covered religious affairs in Australia and around the world from 1999 to 2009.

See Transcript of the Interview

 Podcasts and Interviews 

Interview: Ignite Intimacy Podcast with Laura Aiisha 

In this vibrant and entertaining dialogue, Laura Aiisha asks the most common questions her listeners have about love, intimacy, linguistics of romance and more. 

Interview: The Bettersex Podcast with Dr. Jessa Zimmerman. 

In this lively conversation Dr. Sara offers a new perspective on passion

Interview: When is it really time for couple therapy?   

In this CNN article Dr. Sara joined her colleague Dr. Ian Kerner to answer this critical question. When couples reach out for professional help, it is sometimes already too late. Their relationship has suffered multiple traumas, dysfunctional patterns are in place and resentment level is high. When it comes to healing your relationship timing is everything. 

Featured Interview: In Norwegian: Ekspertens Fem råd for partnervalg (in English Turning love on its head: an antidote to love confusion)

Dr. Sara was interviewed by Ingunn_Saltbones  and was featured @VGnett  The article discusses her model of love Emergent Love vs Submergent Love  and the 5 ingredients necessary in a relationship to thrive.  

Interview: Sex tips … from a Buddhist monk? 

In this CNN article Dr. Sara Joined Dr. Kerner to bring some insight into mindfulness and sex. 

Interview: How the Japanese ‘love hotel’ trend can improve your sex life? 

CNN’sDr. Kerner this time asked Dr. Sara to bring her global expertise to the table by providing some perspectives about love hotels in Japan. 

Interview: Why Size Actually Does Matter

In this Glamour Magazine article written by Kaitlin Menza, Dr. Sara argues that popularity of a large ‘male package’ is overrated.

Featured: Six of the Best Love Doctors

Dr. Sara believes in using a holistic approach for a healthy mind and body. In her interview with Harper’s Bazaar, we learn that to feel sexy, we need to be both physically and psychologically fit. She describes her holistic approach in treating sexual problems at her practice in London.

Article: Dr. Sara on France’s Muslim Face-Veil Ban

In an article by genConnect, Dr. Sara as a social psychologist provides her perspectives on changing cultural norms in response to this controversial news from France.

Interview: Ultimate Sex Tips from the Women Who Know Best!

An interview with the Daily Mirror: 25 tips from Dr. Sara and 5 other top sexologists in England on how to put the ‘x’ back in your sex.

Press Release: Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh to Star in NAKED IN A FISHBOWL

A press release announcing Dr. Sara’s guest star performance in Naked in a Fishbowl in 2011. According to Dr. Sara, “It will be a pleasure to join the talented cast of Naked in a Fishbowl. I will use any channel to get accurate sexual health information to people out there.”


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Dr. Sara on Big Think talking about love, chemistry and lofe without sex. Available here.

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Two segments discussing health benefits of sex and orgasm.


Two episodes on genConnect about faking organism and the secrets of sex.

Q & A with Dr. Sara

Question: “My partner only likes anal sex. Is he gay?”

Naked in a Fishbowl

Dr. Sara improvising on an off-Broadway show in New York.