I am fascinated by the way  connections work. I am most passionate about exploring how they lead to meaningful and fulfilling relationships, the way they help us grow, how they contribute to our awareness of self and others, and how all of these could be seen similarly and differently across relationships, cultures and organizations.

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Relationship Panoramic Inventory

Do you feel like you are literate in the language of relationships but not fluent enough with your partner?

Do you feel like you are working on your relationship but haven’t gotten to where you want? 

Do you feel like you are satisfied in your relationship but not quite thriving? 

Do you want to know your strengths and areas for improvement as a couple?

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Deep gratitude often comes from being seen, heard and understood for who we are, what we need and what we offer in any given interaction. I find that giving benefit of the doubt is the gateway that makes this all possible. When was the last time we did that in our significant relationships? 💫

Want to know all about female orgasms without the myths surrounding them? Listen to us at BBC 4. The overall series is an investigation around “The Orgasm Cult”. In this episode we talk about what orgasms are, who owns them, who wants them, how to experience them and more💫Use the link below in your browser:


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Dear Colleagues,
Sexual Attitude Reassessment is a preventative "must to take" training for anyone who wants to speak to their clients about sex and sexuality. This will basically prepare you for what your clients would share with you that might bring up discomfort, hurt, trigger or offend you in the sessions.
Early registration is open only until October 30th. Places are limited to keep the experience meaningful. sign up today if you are interested and share with likeminded colleagues who can continue the conversation with you after the event and become your circle of support.
Everyone offers their SAR differently. I provide an AASECT approved SAR which is going to be virtual for the first time, meaning you can take it from anywhere you are!
More information in the link below. See you there!!!
connect with me at www.Sara-Nasserzadeh.com with any questions please. Link in my bio💫


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My Latest Book

Sexuality Education Wheel of Context

A practical framework for educators, advocates, and researchers to maintain a holistic perspective on key contextual factors.

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