I am fascinated by the way  connections work. I am most passionate about exploring how they lead to meaningful and fulfilling relationships, the way they help us grow, how they contribute to our awareness of self and others, and how all of these could be seen similarly and differently across relationships, cultures and organizations.

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Growing up, after our family dinner every night my parents shared tea while talked about their days, their challenges, their moments of pride and so on. Later on as a couples counselor I came to realize how important those evening rituals were. For them as a couple to touch base, to see the other person and to be seen by her/him in return. Also for us as children to observe and learn how a coupledom looks like. In the current pandemic it’s easy to fade in despair and lose connection with ourselves and others. We need to set rituals to reclaim some sense of connection, continuity and normalcy back into our lives. If you have a ritual that brings meaning to your relationships (with yourself and others) please share. We are all in this together 🙏🏼💫

برنامه درگوشی ها بر روی یوتیوب. اینک در بایو. I was just informed that my BBC show on sexual wellbeing is now available for free on YouTube- Since there are not many reliable and accessible resources in Farsi please share with individuals who speak Farsi or colleagues who have Farsi speaking clients💫 link in bio.

Two top concerns that I hear from colleagues in my consultation groups are:
1) the how to of self-care and tele-therapy (physical, emotional and relational). 2) the how to of offering topnotch tele-therapy to set yourself apart (from technology used to taking notes, engaging clients, privacy, safety and so on). As you might know I moved my practices 5 times in the past 17 years (from Tehran to London, New York to Palo Alto and now to Los Angeles). I had to find a way to work with my clients across time zones and platforms to remain connected to them and offer the service that they deserved. I think I might know a thing or two to share with you that could help with your practices in the current situation.
I am planning to host two free consultation sessions on these areas. One on Friday May 15th at 10 am pacific and one on Friday May 22 at 10 am pacific.
Please register here via the link in my bio

Also please message me with one hope that you have for this meeting. I want to make sure to tailor my tips to what’s most needed. We are all in this together 💫

This week, my guest is a dear friend and mentor, Professor Paul Wallace. Paul and I speak about people's relationship with alcohol and the three main ways it impacts us: physiological, relational, and social. Given the current pandemic, many people turn to alcohol for different reasons. Parents and partners are concerned that their loved ones are developing alcohol dependence. Paul brings a holistic lens as a researcher, practitioner, and a visionary, to debunk the myths that surround alcohol in a non-judgmental tone. 🎙 link in bio 🙌🏻 #TheLittleBlackFish #podcast Paul Wallace #alcohol #addiction #relationships #health #parenting #couples #sexuality #depression #familyandrelationships #mentalhealthawareness #drinkaware #Drinkless

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