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I am fascinated by the way  connections work. I am most passionate about exploring how they lead to meaningful and fulfilling relationships, the way they help us grow, how they contribute to our awareness of self and others, and how all of these could be seen similarly and differently across relationships, cultures and organizations.

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Engaged kids, happy parents! See if this one can save you a few minutes while give your little ones somethings to do!
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There is a world out there full of beauty and abundance. This shall pass 💫

We don’t have to wait for leaders to tell us stay at home, wash hands, etc. this picture really loved me. let’s take measures to make it safer for all 🙏🏼🌈 #covid_19 #humanity #unity #wecandothis

It looks like the air is breathing these days!!! No kidding. Look at the color of the sky. It has been a while since I had seen such clear sky. I hope we think twice about going back to the lives we knew. Maybe we could be gentler in using up the resources we are given and polluting the space we are lended 🌍💫

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A practical framework for educators, advocates, and researchers to maintain a holistic perspective on key contextual factors.

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