Speaking and Workshops

Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh regularly offers keynote lectures, plenary sessions, and training programs in the U.S. and across the globe. She has designed and delivered more than 500 keynotes and workshops across 40 countries, including more than 200 workshops for the general public.

Her audience encompasses a diverse spectrum, ranging from individuals and couples to healthcare providers, religious and community leaders, corporate executives, government officials, and prominent industry leaders. Additionally, she frequently collaborates with corporate executives, board members, influential policy makers, and distinguished United Nations representatives.

Below is a list of organizations that hosted Dr. Nasserzadeh :

Apple Health Center, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Royal College of Physicians, Royal College of Nursing, College of Sex and Relationship Therapists, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Stanford University, World Population Foundation, Stanford Medical Center, World Association for Sexual Health, European Federation of Sexology, University of Tlaxcala, Tehran Medical School, SUNY Medical School, Wagner College, Asian Federation for Sexology, Porterbrook Clinic, Institute of Education, University of London, Cornell University, Oxford University, Cambridge University, Palo Alto University, Pfizer Inc, Johnson & Johnson, Boehringer Ingelheim, CETAD in Turkey, Columbia University, San Francisco Psychological Association, American Psychological Association and California Psychological Association.

Popular Speeches and Trainings

Depending on the needs of your group, all the topics below are available in the form of keynote and plenary speeches as well as workshops and trainings.

Based on her most recent book Love by Design,

Dr. Nasserzadeh uses more than two decades of clinical research and in-person work with couples around the world to offer her audience a thought provoking, mind shifting talk about a new paradigm of love; The Emergent Love Model. A dynamic, ever growing model of love that could be created and cultivated by anyone and not just a lucky few. 

She invites the audience to re-examine their beliefs that are mainly shaped by what she calls The Submergent Love model  which is a static and haphazard traditional Western idea of romantic love.

We are so often taught and told that ‘love is blind’ , “you will know when you meet the one” and love should be ‘unconditional’. However, Dr Sara argues that we’ve been given the wrong handbook for love. She believes that true love should give your heart a break not a heartbreak. 

Built around six evidence-informed critical ingredients, Dr. Sara helps the audience to start unlearning everything they thought they knew about love and provides them with an entirely new language and set of skills to begin designing the love they desire. 

As a senior Cultural Advisor to the United Nations agencies and the past president of Division VII (Diversity and Social Justice) at the California Psychological Association focusing on, Dr. Nasserzadeh will adeptly synthesize both a global and local perspective, illuminating the prevalent pitfalls corporations encounter in their approach to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Equity (DEI&E). Specifically, she will scrutinize the intricate considerations of defining diversity, the imperative inclusivity of individuals, and whether the mere presence of a diverse voice at the decision-making table ensures contributions. Her discourse will empower the audience with an enriched comprehension of these often-overused terminologies. Moreover, attendees will gain heightened self-awareness concerning their personal micro and macro biases, and be equipped with a well-defined roadmap for progressive steps to foster improvement and ultimately eradicate these biases.
The keynote’s paramount objective revolves around guiding organizations in the journey towards engaging and retaining a diverse workforce beyond superficial optics. It endeavors to instill a profound understanding of the essence of diversity, transcending the superficial portrayal of diversity, and embracing its authentic essence. 

In today’s discourse, buzzwords such as cross-culturalism, melting pot, multiculturalism, cultural humility, and cultural proficiency are frequently wielded, yet their definitions and interpretations remain contested. This verbal ambiguity often precipitates conflicts, miscommunications, and inefficiencies within groups.

In this enlightening talk, Dr. Nasserzadeh embarks on a journey to scrutinize these in-vogue terminologies, urging the audience to reconsider their preconceptions. Her mission is twofold: first, to cultivate a shared lexicon and deeper understanding of these concepts, and second, to ensure that as the audience departs, they possess a unified language, common values, and shared aspirations within their community.

It is a quest to clarify what we truly mean when we speak of the “culture” within a group, company, organization, or community. As she delves deeper into these themes, Dr. Nasserzadeh also challenges the concept of curiosity, particularly in sensitive contexts, prompting a thought-provoking reflection on whether it is a luxury we can afford. 

Over the past few years, Dr. Nasserzadeh has developed a unique framework to analyze contextual matters that can increase the chances of success in any setting or profession.

Educators, community leaders and health care providers can benefit from this talk by learning how to incorporate the Wheel of Context to increase access and efficacy of their work. 

Executive and business professionals can also use the Wheel of Context framework to broaden their understanding of market dynamics and cultural nuances that could be mobilizers or inhibitors for customer motivation and loyalty. 

This talk provides an overview of genital practices around the world. It focuses on cultural norms as well as popular trends and cosmetic surgeries. Vulva-vaginal practices range from labiaplasty to genital cutting while penile practices range from scrotal stretching to genital ribs and penis enlargement surgeries. Material for this talk has been gathered over a course of three years through published and gray literature, including interviews with regional representatives of the UN agencies, gynecologists, national representatives of family planning associations, the World Population Foundation country officers, and individuals.

The audience will not only be introduced to a fascinating array of global practices, in itself a captivating revelation. They will also depart with a fresh perspective, one that reshapes their understanding of the intricate dynamics surrounding bodily autonomy, consent, societal norms, and the cultural subtleties that underpin them. 

This talk is most suitable for healthcare providers and researchers who work within the field of medical or sexual health. 

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