Yes, Your bedroom can reveal what kind of relationship you have…

How you keep your bedroom can reveal what kind of relationship you have, according to new research by the University of Texas.

Led by researcher Lindsey Graham, the study shows the surroundings we choose affects us on a practical and psychological level.

Working with UT psychology professor Sam Gosling, Graham set out to explore what our choices might mean and how they reflect the quality of our relationships.

For the research, extensive photography was captured of bedroom environments, including 360-degree images and tight shots to capture details.

Researchers were looking at everything from book titles to music collections.

The space was also rated on different factors like coziness, color scheme, the emotional feel of the space and its suitability for relaxation, leisure or romance.

Graham points to a common trend spotted early on – framed photos of what she calls “couple-centric events.” Often these include weddings, past dates or trips together.

“We have noticed that photos seem to be quite important in spaces,” she said. “Couples seem to be all or nothing — meaning that they tend to either have no photos at all or lots of them.”

“Each of the items you display in your spaces can potentially broadcast something about your identity,” Graham added. “Some items owe their presence to making ‘identity claims’ – that is, sending deliberate signals about your values, goals, preferences, etc. to others.”

Graham says her findings are still preliminary as she examines the data further.

The researchers are also interested in the so-called “man cave” and finding out how couples carve out a unique personal space for themselves when living together.


Q: Hi. Dr. Sara, I recently had a terrible break up. I don’t think I could ever get into the state of dating/loving someone again. What can I do?

A: I can imagine how you are feeling regarding being scared to fall in love/date again. Loving someone is not easy! It always has its heightened emotions from being very happy and on the top of the world to being really down and depressed. You need to make a choice between being open and going through the process or keeping a life within the range of emotions that you can control and are comfortable with. This is a very personal choice. Give it some time. Don’t rush into anything just now and try not to play various scenarios in your head to see what went wrong, what each of you could have done differently or who needs to be blamed. just let it be for a while and gradually the insights will come to you.