Asking for a Friend - Catriona Boffard - PodcastI sat down for a conversation with my dear friend and colleague Catriona Boffard, a clinical sexologist and psychotherapist in South Africa. Her podcast “Asking for a Friend” convenes conversations about sex, intimacy, relationships, and mental and physical health. I love that Catriona addresses the questions and conundrums we may feel too awkward asking ourselves, so they come out as “I’m asking for a friend (wink, wink).”

Catriona and I explored the different types of love we experience and what constitutes a pleasurable, healthy relationship. I appreciated the opportunity to parse out the differences between sexual chemistry and sexual harmony and even explain how attraction and love might not be enough to sustain a relationship. (Do you know the Patty Smyth and Don Henley song, “Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough?”)

Our conversation was featured on Season 2, Episode 2: “Modern concepts of love, sex & pleasure with Dr Sara Nasserzadeh.” You can listen to it here.