Sex, Sleep and Coupledom

In this dialogue Dr. Blair and I talk about relationships with sleep and discuss how feelings about bedrooms, beds, and bed-partners can impact the quality of sleep. In our society, there is a stigma against couples that sleep in separate beds. The term ‘sleep divorce’ is a socialized term that stigmatizes the practice of sleeping independent of one’s partner. Contrary to popular opinion, most research shows that having a bed-partner can impact sleep quality. Some argue that it does have the potential to lead to a calmer state of mind and body; so you might fall asleep in a relaxed state. However it can also lead to a more disturbed and interrupted sleep. Dr. Blair joins me as a sex therapist and a sleep medicine specialist to highlight the importance of a healthy sleep pattern and its great impact on our intimate relationships and sex life. She invites us to look at our bedrooms as sanctuaries that need to be kept away from heavy conversations and stressful activities. She also offers practical tips for individuals and couples, as well as debunks commonly believed myths about sleep. She explains what disturbed sleeping patterns look like and advises when, where, and how to get help.


About Dr. Britney Blair

Dr. Blair is a licensed clinical psychologist and is board certified in both sleep and sexual medicine. She is an invited speaker at venues around the globe and has published work in the areas of sleep and sexual medicine for the academic and popular press. Dr. Blair is a Stanford sleep consultant and is on the adjunct faculty at The Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine.

Dr. Blair is the Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer of Lover, a digital platform designed to resolve sexual problems and optimize sexual wellness. She is also the Founder and Clinical Director at The Clinic, a multidisciplinary practice with locations across the bay area offering in- office and video appointments serving over 3,000 patients living in the State of California.

Dr. Blair completed her postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University Medical School and her pre-doctoral internship at the VA Greater Los Angeles Health Care System. Dr. Blair received her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the PGSP-Stanford Psy.D. Consortium. She received a bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley.

Tools and Resources

Certified Sleep clinicians

Lover, an app for sexual wellbeing of couples

The Clinic, multidisciplinary clinic for mental health service

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